Massage therapy is a type of manual bodywork that uses gentle, noninvasive techniques to support the body's natural systems. Many of the same benefits of massage therapy for humans, such as relaxation and reduced muscle tension, also apply to our four-legged companions. Massage therapy can have both broad and specific benefits, depending on the techniques utilized.


swedish massage

The massage strokes most commonly employed in human massage therapy today were developed in the mid-1800's with wide-ranging benefits for the body and mind. Swedish massage techniques are easily translated to our non-human counterparts with their accompanying whole-body benefits.


manual lymphatic drainage

The lymphatic system is a vital component of the immune system. Lymph fluid is carried throughout the body through lymphatic vessels that drain to the heart. Lymph fluid relies on movement of surrounding tissues and muscles to move it. Specific gentle strokes can help stimulate this natural process to speed drainage.

manual ligament therapy

The ligaments connect bones to other bones, providing guidance and support for joints as they move the body. They also communicate directly with surrounding muscles to provide stabilization of joints after injury or chronic stress. Manual Ligament Therapy can be used to interrupt maladaptive tension in the muscles around joints that have been injured or stressed.