These rates include traveling to your home or business within 20 miles of downtown Houston. I'm happy to visit animals outside this 20-mile radius for an additional travel fee. Each visit comes with a session summary emailed to you within two days of your session. Session summaries are a helpful record for both you and your veterinarian's reference. 


Phone consultation - FREE

A phone consultation gives you a chance to ask questions and helps us decide together if massage is right for your pet. We'll discuss your pet's health, temperament, behavior, and any special concerns.


Basic massage Session - $50

Basic massage sessions may be appropriate for follow-up visits of established clients, small dogs, and animals receiving massage for relaxation without medical concerns.

Full Massage Session - $65

Full-length massage sessions allow ample time to assess and address your animal's needs. These visits are appropriate for initial sessions, medium-to-large dogs, and animals with complex needs.


Multi-Animal Household and Foster Discounts

Discounts are available when more than one animal receives massage in the same visit or if the animal is a foster from an animal shelter. Also keep in mind that the shelter may cover the cost for you and may be able to deduct the cost on their taxes.